Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happily moving on C7

I couldn't stand it any more...I just couldn't.

While I was cultivating pieces for laying out C7, I grew eager to see what VS would look like with the six completed blocks of Row C sewn together and placed side-by-side with the section RowAB.  So I stitched the six blocks together and quickly ran to someplace with room, good light, and no mess, grabbing the camera on the way.

Here is the image I snapped earlier this morning, and it looks so good!

Mind you, the rest of RowAB was folded under for the sake of getting this photo taken - I haven't done anything silly or foolish like take it apart.  I just needed to see this portion as it compares to the original painting.

I am re-energized, to say the least!

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