Wednesday, May 28, 2014

C9 (plus updates)

I didn't get a chance to work on it much yesterday, and today I lost about five hours of perfect work time to other (one of 'em fun) activities, so I was making up for lost time late in the afternoon and into the early evening.

After making dinner, and yakking with the boys a bit, I am happy to report there remain only 28 pieces to find and place on this square.  Hoping to sew it together tomorrow.  I will post a picture if I manage to reach this hopeful - but lofty - goal.

Tantalizingly close to Row D now.  Wheeeee!


UPDATE:  Fri., May 30; 1:23PM  (1/3)
Taking a bit of a break - just a smidgen, mind you - to get a snack of hummus and an 'everything' bagel, some carrots and celery, a-a-a-nd to fill up the ol' glass with more cranberry juice.  I have managed to find and place a few more pieces into C9, but I have also managed to replace an equal number with new finds -  so a lot of my time was spent (wasted) in frustration.

Began the day with just about 20 or so pieces to find and place; currently I have 12-16 to go.  Twelve if I leave well enough alone, and sixteen if I am an absolute idiot (and a glutton for punishment) and keep trying to find more perfect matches for pieces here and there that are already in place!

Somebody stop me. Argh.


I will. [said with some lack of conviction]


UPDATE:  as of 3:21PM  (2/3)
Seven left to place, and I almost got here without futzing and replacing things.

Hey! I said "almost."


UPDATE:  as of 5:22PM  (3/3)
Ready to stitch it together....this impossibly horrid-looking, grotesque group of one-inch pieces. For the most part, they fairly well match the image, it's just...well...I don't know how to say it, but this is the least satisfied I have felt (since beginning this ordeal of a quilt) with any one block (= 100-piece grouping).  On the whole, it looks less than pleasing.

Would it be OK if I moved to a completely different portion of the image and made some pretty blocks for a while - please?

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