Sunday, April 6, 2014

The end to a lovely day

Were there other things I should have been doing?  YES.

Do I care?  NO.

No, I do not care.

[i might care a LOT tomorrow, but right now i am very pleased]

This is how my 'wasted' (LOVELY) day -

I am so close to being able to stitch the first two rows together I CAN TASTE IT!  I really can. And yes, of course...I did the math.  I have 65/100 of the full block laid in place, and 22/30 in place for the partial (last) block for Row B.  This means I only have 43 pieces to find and place before construction.


Pictured above is approximately four hours worth of work.  Another way of saying it is: there's another three-four hours remaining before I can begin to sew these lovely bits together.

"Why so many hours if there's only one-third left to configure?", I hear you asking. "That's way less than half," you scream.

Good question.  The answer is that it is always harder to match out the remaining holes if I have to work around them in patches (as pictured above).  I either don't have a great color in hand - at the ready - or I do have it, but it is in my stash box and has to be pulled out - o-o-o-o-r it is laying on the table, buried, and needs finding again.  All very time-consuming.

Legend -
  "Hard" = work.  
  "Work" = hours of searching, comparing, (maybe) fussy cutting.  And, then there's the inevitable mind-changing thing I seem to do about something already in place.  Aaaagh!

But, the eighty-seven pieces pictured did go together relatively quickly (all things considered), so it is just as likely I could breeze through the last third yet to go.  

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