Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nailed it!

I did get the last of the pieces placed yesterday afternoon, a-n-d the final 130-pc block sewn together during the evening news.  After joining the individual blocks to the rest of the Row B configuration, I then spent an hour pinning the two completed rows together.

That's HOUR.  Okay, okay....fifty-one minutes - but it seemed like an hour.

From there it was a matter of time and patience (as if the pinning didn't take patience by the bucketful) to stitch them all together, carefully. But I was so determined to get the two rows together, I thought I would bust if I didn't.  A bit of ironing and "oh well"-ing, and voila!

I now have a bit of a confetti'd color mess to put back in order, and a lot of cutting to do, but all eyes are now on Row C!

[big sigh of happy relief]

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