Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think...therefore, I quilt!

I was finishing up construction on the blocks of a current project when I was struck by how much I am saving (in regards to scraps, "waste," pieces too big to just throw away).  There is a bulging sack sitting nearby as a reminder of my Scottish thrift, and yikes if it isn't getting pretty darned scary.

I am not Eleanor Burns - I can't just willy-nilly toss aside scraps which could be sewn together at a later date.  I don't have deep enough pockets that the thought of casting away perfectly good 1.5" to 3" pieces (or strips) doesn't just haunt me to death!

Oh, and yes....I do have a box of 'coordinated' scraps (also), but the bag was becoming way too full, and in danger of toppling and spilling the contents every time I moved it out of the way, then out of the way, then out of the way - again

Flop sees the bag and simply paws her way in whenever she gets the chance for a pre-blanket nap.  Cute but hairy.

Back when I had a much smaller stash - when I saved EVERYthing and sewed it into a useful block before putting that block away for "some day later" - the scrap bag was a good idea.  Now it's just another pile (essentially) and I have been working my tail off this year to pair down my piles and clean out my corners.  And it's been pretty satisfying, too.

Now, however, my stash is much too large, and I have been doing my best to part with material that others can use so it just isn't sitting here taking up space any more!  I've been donating yardage to neonatal blanket makers; giving it to friends in quilt guilds with charm square requirements; and I even tried to give it away here on the blog - with no takers!

Go figure.

I rarely do anything without some sort of planning.
So, in an earnest attempt to clean out the scrap bag, I decided to put together a quick and easy quilt (size as yet unknown), using my trusty primaries and the idea of a Spider String Quilt. 

I will keep you updated, but since this project isn't to fill a hot need for anything or anyone, it will be an ongoing sort of project.  Any time I am bored, though, or vacillating on some aspect of another quilt in progress, I will have something I can work on to pass the time away and not waste it!

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