Sunday, October 28, 2012

Had these together Friday afternoon...

...and after going through so much gathering and trimming (and the lot), I'm now realizing just how much more scrap this is going to take to complete!

Is there any sense in making strips, er...I mean, 'scraps' just to keep working on this, or; should I do exactly as I planned from the start and only make the larger pieced configurations from scraps when I have them (the actual scraps, I mean)?

Spent a good part of the day ironing scrap strips from the bag, cutting pieces to length, laying out matching color blocks, and assembling the 'pointed' ends (of the three-part triangles) so that I have a good deal of the grunt work done when I decide to sit and assemble more whole blocks some time in the future.

It just seems somehow sort of incongruous to intentionally begin an unfinished project...don't you think?

But, as I sit and stare at this photo - or the real thing in front of me - I am struck by how child-like it appears.  Maybe it would be more appropriate to say 'it puts me in mind of a child's perspective.'  It looks very much like an Eric Carle illustration, especially when viewed at a distance.  Bold colors; uneven but lovely, large 'brush strokes' of color - as if it had been applied from the palette before completely being mixed and blended.


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