Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before I forget

Which (truth be told) I already had, so....before I forget again I wanted to say:

I found a wonderful quilt fabric shop in East Lansing!

As I left Karl with his life skills support person, I wandered off in search of two such stores I had found online - and had never been to! I know - go figure!

Country Stitches in EL, is a marvelous place with a plentiful selection of sale fabrics and non-sale fabrics.

The store is quite large, utilizing what appears to be two adjoining storefronts, and laid out in such a way that keeps you moving and looking.

There appeared to be a good number of cutting counters to facilitate a healthy buying populace, so I can imagine that even on busy days customers don't have to wait too long for assistance. There were also two large classroom/work areas, machines to purchase, and many carts located around the store to pile your collection of goodies on while you shop.

While the material selections seemed a little disjointed and chaotic, by and large it was fun to amble through.

On the 'minus' side - a disappointing store directive precluded me from buying several more pieces I would have loved to add to my stash. Or, perhaps it saved me from buying more?

At Country Stitches you MUST buy no less than 1/2 a yard of each of your sale fabric selections, and with the postage stamp quilts I am now planning, half a yard is way more than I need of specific things, so buying my fabric according to this 'rule' left me confined to purchasing a tiny selection with the allowance I had to spend. That left a harsh note on the whole experience, but I managed to cull my choices down to the essentials. [sniff]

Next time I will need to be sure I have more time to look and decide - an hour was not enough! Of course, that will be a little while.

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