Monday, March 7, 2011


Strange as it may seem, I cannot stretch this quilt successfully here at home. I need more room than I have available to build the frame to the necessary 8'x8' measurements - even with moving furniture and putting things away here and there.

So tomorrow I am going to call the local senior community center and inquire as to whether I may use their roomy facility for a few hours one day this week (and, I am going to have to enlist the boys' help that day, too, because it takes more than one set of hands to stretch the bars and clamp them together, at near perfect right angles, to get the work done right and expeditiously).

I am very anxious to get going on the quilting, but with this delay it isn't going to happen as quickly as I had wanted. Rats!

While I sat spinning my wheels on this project, I decided to use the extra time wisely and return the pile of materials culled for the quilt to my stash wall. After sorting and folding I reclaimed a lot of 'real estate' on the table, and a dining room chair, and....

For such a small task, it felt great to get just that little bit of cleaning done, even if it is only a temporary thing. It left me feeling so energized, I attacked a stack of papers and a storage box and purged the living daylights out of them! Aahhhhhh.

What did you accomplish today? I hope it left you feeling pleased with yourself.

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