Friday, March 4, 2011

A quick "thank you"

Hey, Maria!

Thank you!!!

I had fun last night, and enjoyed your great company. Thanks for allowing me to barge in and stay for so long, and for the lovely - and fun - material! I am looking forward to being able to return the favor some time in the near future. I know you want to check out that restaurant here in town, too, so let's plan on a warmer day in the month (at least drier), we can walk there (it's not far) and 'kill a few birds' all at once. Good exercise, good food, good company....whadaya say?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

On my quest to finishing abandoned projects I am doing well. Quite well, in fact. The pink and brown Ohio Star is moving along - I am at the point where I can now baste it and begin quilting in very short order.

Then, I have the backing and top completed for an orange and brown Snail's Trail which needs to be 'next up' just because it is the next closest thing to completeness (those pieces have been done and laying around for the better part of a year now, so it's about time).

After that will be (or, should be) either an old navy blue Flower Baskets or Funky Cats Double Nine Patch. Those last two are completed tops, but have no backs, yet.

The navy quilt top is one of those projects begun in haste during the demise of my marriage, packed away and not thought of until discovered last fall while cleaning out the garage (it was hanging out in a box with the Ohio Star, which at that time was just a pile of assembled blocks and good intentions). None the worse for wear, the navy top just needs ironing and attention. It's been in its present state of 'undone-ness' for at least the last ten years, and should be turned into a quilt before time and handling see it continue to ravel away at the edges.

So, if you're keeping track, that's three full-sized quilts (or very large lap quilts) that require attention before I cut out another thing.


Oh, and I nearly forgot! I already have a pinned Log Cabin, a queen-sized cover which I use as an extra blanket all the time, even though I have never quilted or bound it. So there's a fourth quilt in the queue.

Of course, I also began a quilt for Karl last fall - brilliant jewel tones based on an imaginative chameleon printed on a gorgeous, rich brown background. I assembled many of the necessary color blocks last year, pulled together the corresponding whites, creams and off-whites to build the additional blocks needed for the layout, then piled them together (in the way, of course) so as to pick up and finish something else. What?? Who knows....I can't remember.

It's about at that time I lost track of what I was doing and which direction I was marching in project-wise.

Oh, yeah, and I had several jobs that kept me away from the table and machine, we are!

So, as you can see, there are numerous things to do before beginning anything new, which only makes me itchy to really start something else. Oh, it's all so psychological, ain't it?

Sheesh, and I still have that other new thing I began just a few short months ago (um...4 or 5 months ago), when I had hopes of entering a contest to win some money. Yup, those haunting little one inch squares are nagging at me, too. So between Karl's quilt and the little project already living in the living room, I guess I am booked solid at the old sewing machine for a while.

What's on your plate?

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