Thursday, January 5, 2017

Howdy world, and howdy 2017

For the past few years I have belonged to a couple of 'groups' in the facebook world, one of them is for needle-types who have supplies that they want to sell to other needle-types who need those supplies.

Translation: It's a sellers/buyers group.  I am a buyer.

One particular group has a person in charge of it who is usually ( > 95% of the time) on top of everything.  When it comes to her own customers, she is proactive and pretty wonderful, but lately has seemed a bit overwhelmed by her own aspirations.  The wonderfulness of her customer service has become hit or miss recently, and it appears as though I am on the 'miss' end of the stick.

This is why it was hard to believe [read this with sarcasm] that she became completely outraged when I opened a case with the payment service.  I mean, after all, she only kept me waiting three weeks before finally sending the package.  Perhaps I was a little hasty, since it was only three weeks... [dripping with sarcasm] and she did offer me either silence or no less than four BS excuses as to why I was waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

But, the complaint I filed did lead to her actually sending the package, so I couldn't have been too far off the mark, right?

I have refused to correspond with her any further, and most likely I will be dropping out of that group, too.  Just too much crap in my wheelbarrow already, why invite more angst?  I suppose this means I am 'cleaning house' for the new year; unintentionally, but totally necessary.

What are you up to with the changing of the digits?

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