Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's a beautiful day... dammit

i7 has been on my radar, but not in my work schedule for most of the past week or so.  This morning I attacked the twenty-five-to-twenty-eight missing inches with gale force fervor, and put a good dent in the 'hole', but there are still around a dozen bits to locate (and/or swap) before the block is complete and ready to stitch together.

I hate weather days like this - blissfully sunny, and the temps will be in the 60s.  PERFECT!

"So, why do you hate those types of days?" you ask, scratching your head like a dog with a flea.

Well, because I am forced to make a tough decision when days like this happen, and I usually end up making myself either very mad or just totally disappointed because of the ultimate decision.  I either
1) use the gorgeous light to forge ahead and build blocks so I can make up lost time on the overall project, or
2) go outdoors and utilize the waning beautiful weather for gardening chores which are long past due.

Now, perhaps, you can appreciate my conundrum.

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