Saturday, July 30, 2016

Not for nothin'...

I am working on a borrowed PC.  My youngest son has granted me ten minutes "or less" to accomplish a little email recon and blogger work.  My own dear (nine year old) laptop has lost its modem and some other software piece that allows me to get online and play, and the disc that came with the laptop when I bought it does not help to update the system issues. 

When I look into the actual trouble on my 'puter, the darn thing tells me there is nothing wrong.   Everything is shipshape.  But when I try to connect, I am told the two pieces necessary to limp onto the internet are not operational.   Grrrrr.

I am not having withdrawals, yet, but I am beginning to fall behind on everyday communication and bill paying.  Yikes!

For now, let me quickly note that H10 was completed days ago, and H11.3 is a mere twenty-five inches from sewing together!  If you are up on the schematics you'll recognize that the 11.3 blocks are 130 pieces as opposed to the normal 100 piece blocks.  I am hoping to make the best use of today and get H11.3 completed and then finish assembling the row.  Once that is done, I can assemble the mass of Rows EFGH into one unit (lots of pinning required) and begin two wonderful new directions.  The first is moving on to Row I, and the second is prepping and thread painting the new large section - isn't that GRAND?

The answer is "yes."

Hoping to be back online on a regular basis very soon, ad to have photos of the progress.  What are you working on?

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