Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just a quickie

Took some doing, but I found the missing F7.

Yes, I managed to misplace (OK . . . 'lose') one-hundred little joined pieces.  Never fear, after a certain amount of searching it's back in the line-up!  Phwew.  There's a load off.

Now, the longer version:
Thing is, I had really planned to pick out several seams in order to replace one of the objectionable bits and swap it with a better fitting color piece.  But, then I became distracted by the whole tidying up thing, and trying to locate more bits for the growing F8.

Then, suddenly I was on to F9, and I realized I didn't see F7 anywhere.
How did I misplace a whole piece of my postage stamp puzzle?
WHERE did I lay it? [smacking forehead]
When did I do it?
If I could answer even one of these questions I would be on the road to locating 100 inches of specific color, I thought.

Well, Q&A did not work.  It took Brian's help (and about 1.25 hours) sorting through three rather large piles of material to get to the bottom of my issue.  Yup, the missing F7 was at the bottom of a bunch of material I had planned to harvest for F9, F10, and F11.3.


Thank you, Bud.  Now, I need to resort all of that material again.  Whatchya doin' for the next two hours or so?

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