Friday, December 12, 2014

In between

I now have eight of the sixteen necessary blocks created and basted for stitching, [looking around conspiratorially] and I even engaged in a teensy bit of stitching on one seam last night.

It felt self-indulgent, since I have other more pressing things to get finished.  But, oh!  To actually begin laying stitches into the silks and taffeta's of "Peacock" - it was as indulgent as eating two large pieces of dark chocolate......laced with whole hazelnuts!!

I have been doing the piecing in between fits of looking for a job, housework, errands, doctor and school appointments, other quilting projects (two of them SALES!), and, well....everyday life.  But it somehow makes me feel more *something* to be able to create another groovy something to work on; something fresh and new.  What is the word I want?
Do I feel more worthwhile as a person?
More necessary for the beautification of a tiny corner of the world?

At least, I don't feel so much an insignificant loser for not being able to persuade stupid would-be employers how ignorant they are for having looked me over and passed me up.  That makes them the losers, anyway - not me.

[sighs - one of contentment, one of disappointment]

Photos later, for now I need to get on with my day.

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