Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Peeling another month off the calender

I have been ready to return to work on VGS, and even last month I stated I wanted to jump back in.
Eagerly and wholeheartedly.
Both feet.
Get back to the cutting and searching and finding and fussing and all -
....but I have still been mired in household stuff.  Mostly just lots of tasks needing doing to be 100% ready for the arrival of my mom for our early Thanksgiving dinner....mostly.  Also, to be ready for the inevitable hunkering down during winter.  You know what I mean.

But, here I am, no closer to having touched it and made any further progress since, what?  July?

What!?!?!  Is that even possible?

I have been seriously bent on finding a job, so lots of lost hours upon hours every day to that.  Then house stuff...just - ick.  By the time evening rolls around, I am either too spent to muster the initiative to turn on all the lights in my sewing corner and look for possible pieces to complete the yellowest portion, or I am just plain ready for bed.  And...I have been trying to finish a load of stockings for a craft show that is now 'just around the corner.'

My cornucopia is full, so I am promising myself to make up for lost time once 'turkey day' has come and gone.

Scout's honor.

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