Sunday, July 7, 2013

By definition

Everybody has their own take on any given thing.  What may be deemed 'good' by some folks may only be mediocre (or worse than mediocre) in the estimation of another.  It all comes down to one person's opinion in the long run.  And let's face it, there are millions upon millions of opinions out there.

By my definition, yesterday was a pretty good day. It included friends - old and new; a nice trip to a favorite place for a needed activity; a positive result for that needed activity; a new found spot for needlework supplies; lots of laughter, and; a good meal.  You almost couldn't ask for anything more.

The original intent of the foray was to have my accepted entry into the GR AQS competition in August (and yes, I am going to repeat this several more times before the end of the competition) appraised for insurance and shipping value.  A very neccessary step.

I drove to Jean's place north of Flint, and from there she drove us all (Jean, myself, and PQ1) to Bay City for the meeting with Margaret, the AQS certified quilt/textile appraiser. 

Margaret spent about an hour asking questions, sussing out information, measuring, inspecting, feeling, folding, and answering questions I had from time to time.  All along the way she had kind, very kind comments and a couple of suggestions to help make PQ1 one of those 100% entries!  I listened to every word and committed much of it to memory.  And while I still have one remaining question for her, I will have to reserve it for some time in the near future.

I am anxiously awaiting Margaret's appraisal so that I may finish the one remaining piece of paperwork I have not filled in yet, to send back to the AQS folks - ahead of sending the quilt to them.  Without a valid, written insurance value, I would be 'up a creek' if something were to happen to the 'old girl'....ever! was a great day - and my definition is the only one that matters at this moment in time.

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