Friday, December 28, 2012


Oh, sure.  I know the title is incorrect, but then, after viewing many online photos posted by quilters who blur the lines when categorizing their quilts, I suppose it now no longer matters if I spell things correctly (or, 'inventively').

I was looking into "coin" quilts to discuss ideas with an aunt who would like to make her first quilt (using cherished indigo print material she's collected over time from trips around the globe).  When I 'googled' images for that particular pattern I was met with a brilliant array of "coin" quilts that were anything but "coin" quilts.

So now I suppose you know the crux of this quilting rant - not my aunt, mind you, but the lack of care from others incorrectly calling their quilts something other than the proper pattern name.

I know it shouldn't irk me if somebody decides to call a string quilt - laid out in a spider web pattern (or any other string pattern) - a "coin" quilt....but it does!  Nor should I be bothered by some yahoo thinking they can get double duty out of their quilt by calling a decidedly log cabin style pattern a "coin" quilt, instead of what it really is....but it does!  It really, REALLY does.

There was even some sort of creative layout using triangles - with the tips at one end sheared off - and the pieces laying alternately side-by-side, titled a "coin" quilt - but it MOST clearly was not even close to a "coin" quilt!

C'mon, people!  Do your research and be prepared to correctly (and honestly) label your quilt with the right and proper pattern name!  There are new quilters who will be looking at your images and getting the WRONG idea as to what pattern they are making because some of you think just because you are laying strips of material side-by-side-by-side-by-side that it isn't what the end result becomes, but what YOU want to call it (pattern-wise). [breathe]

I suppose I should just be happy I stopped after several hundred images, and before finding a "rail fence" quilt under the improper "coin" heading, eh?

And while I'm at it - STOP USING THE WORD "WONKY"!

Thank you.


Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

Oh wowie, can I ever agree with you on this post! That burns my britches as well. One that gets me is when someone posts a quilt as a "Two-Color Quilt" when you can clearly look at it and see... 3 or more colors! HELLO!

Hopefully I can put your mind at ease... Take a peek here ( and play "I spy..." Hopefully you'll spy a coin quilt.

Beth said...

"HELLO" is right!

Oh, I did, Caron...I did! I taut I taw a poody tat, but I taw a REAL COIN QUILT!


Thanks for that. It was fun looking through so much of your work again.

Yes, I've seen it too (sadly); the can't-count-syndrome extends itself to people who can't tell a Double Irish Chain from a Triple Irish Chain, four-patches with sashing from nine-patches, and (horror of horrors) messed up two colors with three or more.

Thanks for letting me know I wasn't ranting alone.