Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little May vacation

Boy, I hadn't realized that nothing had been written in May, but then I also haven't quilted since April, either!


I was working a Scripty job from the end of April through all of May, and I would be working on another film gig right now....but I turned it down. (That's right, I was hired and I said "no.")

Yea and boo!

I had to (for several reasons), but I will not go into it at all here. Suffice to say I have been enjoying my down time in many productive ways, and while I miss working (the pace, the energy, the cash - inadequate though it $$ may be), I had several things I needed to attend to that would have been a larger problem had I not made the decision I did.

Did you follow that? Did that make any sense? Anyhow, I've begun a small sidetrack project for one of my sons.

Brian made himself a chainmail 'suit' (I'm sure that isn't the right word for his creation), but he needs a gambeson to wear underneath it. Once it is done, there will be a photo of the finished product and an image of Bud in it under his chainmail. This kid is gonna roast! But, he loves his Renaissance - has ever since his first Ren Festival - and if I can help him enjoy it in any way...then I am there for him.

More real quilting soon.

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