Sunday, April 24, 2011

Found another one

Well...another four, actually, but here are the pieces of an "Ocean Waves" I began easily fifteen years ago.

Why I put it aside I have no idea, but I do remember the attempt to locate colors to add to the project, and having the worst time in the effort.

This was back when only one or two stores sold 100% cotton materials strictly for quilting (with a very small number of - and usually remote - specialty quilting stores existed) - and the selection was small, small, small. Colors were still predominately drab and the patterns and designs were nothing like our palette of choices today.So, when you found a very cool print (like this lovely seed packet print, above) you had to gobble it up and hope to find something else truly inspiring to use with it (maybe later...somewhere down the road).

Today, you can walk into dozens of fabric venues within a short driving radius and find hundreds of fabulous materials. Oh heck! For that matter, you can sit at home in your PJ's and shop from an endless supply of fabric dealers.

Thank goodness things are a-changing. Maybe now I can finish this little colorful relic from my past.

Well, maybe not "now", but definitely some time this year (or next).


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