Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guess I was wrong

I had thought my shopping for Black and White and Red All Over was finished, but a quick run into JAF with a friend proved me wrong. Oh darn.

However, I do love finding happy, CHEAP surprises...don't you?

The two red materials were mark downs and clearance - as you can see on the one piece still rolled - it was a remnant...and only $.38!!!! The red is not as orange as this photo shows, but more a true (bluer), clear, richer red.

The pink and brown paisley on white was another clearance find, and will be the backing for the old Pink and Brown quilt I began years ago. At $3 per yard, I couldn't pass it up, and none of it will find it's way onto my stash wall - so I felt 100% justified (and I still do!).

Let's just call it "therapy." [wink wink]

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