Friday, July 9, 2010


We go through life surrounded by stuff.  Surrounded by rules and regulations; by other people; by other people's stuff; and on and on.  I think you get the picture.

Some situations where we find ourselves surrounded, we climb into willingly...or out of necessity.  Some of this stuff we bring on ourselves, and some is heaped on us unwillingly - or with full knowledge - because of the positions we get ourselves into at work, in our personal lives, friendships we create, activities, etc.

Well, lately I have felt the walls closing in.  Walls of stuff, walls of uncertainty, walls of unemployment and self doubt...and I sometimes feel the best course of action would be to simply let the walls cave in and bury me.  Take me whole and swallow me up.  Wouldn't it be lovely to just be without the worry of how to handle/care for/guard/hide/use and replenish the stuff? 

Clean it, fold it, put it away, keep track of it, loan it and (hopefully) get it back, lose it, break it, give it away, outgrow it, outsource it, love it, rue it, insure it, try and return it.

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